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Why Choose Promotional Video Service?

Today, it’s clear that video content is king, with the rise of social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, it’s more important than ever that businesses have a video marketing strategy. An important aspect of your marketing campaigns is video marketing, which is a powerful form of marketing that effectively engages your audience. The purpose of video marketing is to advertise your products and services through videos. You can reach your audience and increase engagement on your digital and social channels by implementing this strategy.

Business owners should incorporate video into their content to reach customers and grab their attention in order to remain competitive. Using video marketing effectively can increase sales conversions and brand awareness and result in a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through multiple channels.

Type Of Promotional Video

Explainer Videos

Types: Cartoon Animation, Motion Graphics, Cutout Animation, Live Animation Style, Silhouette Animation, Animate stick figure, Infographic videos, Whiteboard videos, Kinetic typography, Human Icon Videos, Screencast videos, Frame-by-frame animation, 2D Animation

Stop-Motion Videos With Paper Cutouts, Clay, Images

Stop-motion videos are short movies that are made by putting individual frames (of animation) in motion, and then showing the movie frame by frame. A stop-motion video is a time-lapse animation that is created by filming and dissolving live-action footage over a period of time.

Customer Videos / Feedback / Testimonials

A testimonial video is a self-promotion video. It’s used to market a brand or product, show the benefits and impact it has on your life, or generate brand awareness via YouTube or other social media platforms. In other words, it’s simply a YouTube promotional tool that encourages people to go and check out your brand’s website or service.

Social Media Promotional Video

Social media promotional videos are the best way to earn new followers and customers. A great way to attract customers is with a social media promotional video. This can be done by sharing a video that showcases your products or services in an entertaining manner. 

Demo Demonstration Video / Product Video

A demonstration video is a short, educational video in which a product or service is demonstrated by an expert. Its purpose is to explain the features and benefits of the product. 

3D Videos / Process Video / Mechanical Video

3D videos are the next big thing in the world of multimedia. They provide an experience that is hard to describe — you need to see it to fully understand how it affects you. Instead of just watching a regular video, watching a 3D video creates a whole different level of engagement. 

Tutorials / E-Learning / How To / Educational Videos / Training Videos

We at Trikonastha offer our clients a complete, Cost-effective package of E-learning solutions. If you’re looking to take E-Learning to a new level, try our E-Learning video production services and feel the change in your brand visibility.

Live Videos / Live-Streaming

Live-streaming videos, also known as live-streaming, is a new trend. Broadcasting videos over the internet is a new innovation that has emerged in recent years. Live-streaming videos are now being used by different businesses on a global scale to showcase their products and services to the entire world.

Flip Book Animation

Flip book animation is a form of a short animated movie that employs the same technique of animation used by flip books. The main difference between this and the other animation forms is that it is played on a page, not a screen. The images in the flip book animation look like paper cutouts or drawings, with the paper itself acting as if it were canvas or paper.

One To One / Interviews

Interview videos are becoming a popular way to help employers screen and select job applicants. An interview is a great way for you to evaluate your skills as an applicant, but it can also be your opportunity to showcase just how good of a fit you are for the role being advertised.


Vlogs are videos that consist of the filmmaking process and their behind-the-scenes work. Vlogs are the heart and soul of YouTube. Vlogs are videos that are hosted on YouTube that allow you to communicate with your audience. They don’t have to be long videos – they can be one-minute videos, but traditionally they’re one- or two-minute long videos.

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